Ezekiel Honig - Object Music EP - Anticipate 015
released November 29, 2019 - digital

Object Music is a feedback loop, a fluid relationship between sound and visual, physical object and digital file. Though the musical tracks stand on their own, they are nonetheless a piece of a puzzle, the sonic distillation of visual work. Each version of Object Music is created out of a small selection of seemingly mundane items; paper, a coin, an aluminum tin, or a piece of cork are a few examples. The objects chosen for each track are the only sound sources used, and these objects are then turned into a collage as a visual counterpart and complement to the sound. The Object Music EP collects the four current audio pieces in this series, all following the same constraints of the project.

The individual objects used in each track motivate the sound, both in a quite literal sense of physically creating it, and also in a philosophical process of how that association (of memory, intention, possibility) affects the choices made in producing the music. The objects are important, not just as tools to make something else, but as containers of psychological properties, as essential things that open an audiovisual story in the mind's eye.

Sparse, detail-oriented breakbeats ground the tracks in Object Music, while flittering shards dance around the main rhythmic phrases, accenting the central loops. Solid percussion blocks, kicks, and whispered haze add nuance to purposely focused tunes that veer towards minimalism as much as deep, raw warehouse music. At times cavernous - at others intently angled - pitched objects find a renewed life of their own while remaining inherently tethered to their physical origins.

See the visual work at objectmusic.com