Using the loop as more of a tool than a rule, Ezekiel Honig's emotively warm electronic-acoustic music nestles into a comfortable, shared space between melodic, event-driven ambient, muted techno, textural downtempo, and slowmotion house. Using these genres as reference points from which to stray, Honig uses everyday objects and spaces amidst processed instruments, tethering to our physical universe while eschewing any concerns of figurative reality. Plastic, metal, wood, and air coalesce with Rhodes, guitar, horns, and piano, creating a sound of contrast and contradiction, pairing inviting, fuzzy chords with clunky and dirty mishaps. Honig finds this sense of balance - of past and future, acoustic and digital, abstraction and concrete immediacy - by grounding himself in the idea that a sound can be a representation of infinite stories, emotions, possibilities, and simultaneously be just a sound to be used in a work of audio.

Ezekiel Honig - A Passage of Concrete - Anticipate 013
released March 17, 2017 - 12" vinyl / digital

Melancholic, warm, pensive, with a sombre wonder for everyday experience, A Passage of Concrete ebbs and flows across an electroacoustic narrative of fragmented memory tethered to the present moment, unravelling movement, location, distance in a story that cares about place as both texture and emotional notation. Sounds from crowded streets, parks, empty apartments, and high-ceilinged spaces all fit into Honig's music on equal footing with kick drums, household percussion, saturated piano, and stretched-out horns. Steady rhythms embed themselves in gauzy melody, playing with ideas of various 4/4 genres while slowing things down a few notches. Honig doesn't fit his sound neatly into these categories but carefully considers the influence on his musical experience and direction.

Honig heavily utilizes field recordings that have been edited into both atmosphere and instrument, main character and supporting background. He believes wholeheartedly in the idea of the world as sample material, in taking the sound in one's environment (whether that is a daily immediate one or a momentary travel) as a potential step towards personalization. While using digital tools as the means of arrangement, editing, and processing, all the building blocks - the sounds - originate outside the machine.

12" currently available in select shops:
Direct from Anticipate, via Bandcamp (US)
Halcyon (US)
Juno (UK)