Demo Policy:

Anticipate is not currently accepting new demos. We have however, provided a set of criteria which could apply to sending a demo in general. We hope it's helpful in your search.

1. Write a couple sentences about your music, how it's made, and what it sounds like. It doesn't need to be a thesis, but just something to give an idea of what you would like us to listen to. Please familiarize yourself with the label and what types of music we release, to give you an idea of whether your work might be what we're looking for.

2. When sending a demo, please do not attach any music files to your email. The best way to send us music is via a static link. Sendspace and similar services are fine, except for the fact that the link has a time limit. If we don't get to it in that 7 day period, then the link is gone. If you can find an alternative that doesn't require the perfect timing, that would be ideal. Please put your artist name and the title of the track in the file name. We don't need a CD demo. If we would like a hard copy we will let you know.

3. Do not send a mass email to several labels at once. This is less of a specific requirement for Anticipate, than it is just a recommendation to not do that if you're looking for a label to work with. It's just bad form.

4. Please keep in mind that this is a personal, independent label, which means that there is only so much we can release in a year. We also have a specific idea of what we want the label to be and what direction it will go in. Your music might be amazing and still not be right for Anticipate.

5. Don't be discouraged. Finding the right home for your music is difficult. Keep at it.

Anticipate is located in New York City.

info (at) anticipaterecordings (dot) com

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