Mark Templeton - Sea Point EP
Anticipate 007A
- released August 2009 - 12" vinyl / digital

Sea Point takes three tracks from Templeton's Inland album, exposing them to vinyl for the first time, and includes three new tracks which are exclusive to this release. The album closer reverses and sees a fitting beginning here, as it's namesake implies, becoming the opener on the A1 side and setting the tone for the remaining pieces on this EP. The new tracks on Sea Point were made right after finishing Inland, and they continue to exhibit the subtlety and fuzzy, crackly acoustic-based processes, sheering themselves of extraneous parts and leaving delicate strums and echoing backgrounds of abstracted phrases. While they further the themes and approach, they can be heard as almost the trails of the larger work, the resonating ideas and sounds that lingered long after their origins were complete.