Various Artists
Summer Tour Remix Volume 2

1. Alexander Wendt Remix

2. Billy Gomberg Remix

3. The Green Kingdom - Spring Thaw

4. Ieva Remix

5. Marihiko Hara - Color For Me

6. Thomas Hildebrand Remix

7. Tim Prebble Remix

8. Tomasz Bednarczyk - Sawako Sun

Download release in a zip file (music and cover)

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After the first installment of this remix concept, we put out an open call for submissions for Volume 2. Though we received many skilled submissions, the following eight versions were organized into the finished set. As with the first volume, there is a range of approaches and results which arise from working with Sawako's Summer Tour sounds, and these were put together for their individual strengths, which play off each other as parts of the whole. Thank you again to all who submitted, for exploring the possibilities in the original sounds, and for doing so much with them. We hope you enjoy.

Alexander Wendt (12x50) artist site
Billy Gomberg (mOAR, Install) artist site
The Green Kingdom (SEM, The Land Of) artist site
Ieva (AMBOLTHUE) artist site
Marihiko Hara (mOAR, Leerraum, U-cover, Zymogen, Rimacona-Lab) artist site
Thomas Hildebrand (Microcosm) artist site
Tim Prebble artist site
Tomasz Bednarczyk (Room 40) artist site