Joshue Ott:

Joshue Ott is a multi-disciplined media artist and designer. Over the last couple of years, his attentions have been largely devoted to creating superDraw, software intended for live visual performance. With superDraw, Ott's interest has been to create a program that could produce visual art, but behave more like a musical instrument, to be learned, practiced and wielded just like a guitar, saxophone or laptop. To this end, the program is fitted with a tablet interface for drawing in real time, enabling a higher degree of physical interaction with the person using it, and arguably, a higher degree of interactive expression.

Performing with superDraw, Ott bends lines and movements - creating improvised hand drawn forms which rest in a comfortable space between minimalism, psychedelia and curious simplicity. With the subdued use of color amidst stark black and white, Ott's visual work complements the music perfectly, highlighting contrast and maneuvering through moment driven change. By taking advantage of the immediacy of on the spot art, made outside the computer, and transferred through it, Ott is able to unite the worlds of the physical and digital to make a perfect union of human control and computer fueled chance.