Morgan Packard has been working on electronic music in various forms for over a decade, using his classical and jazz training to inform what he does in subtle ways - whether it's drum and bass, a soundtrack for a modern dance performance, or his versions of abstract techno and ambient sound. While his music may be wrangled into the minimal category, he is actually eschewing minimal tropes in favor of highly wrought arrangements - fitting multiple sensibilities into music that could easily be mistaken for existing genres, though when explored carefully, hardly fits into any. Using the idea of techno/house/breakbeat music as a beginning, not an end unto itself, Morgan arrives at a sound which manages to include various ideas from the worlds of electronics, jazz, and classical in a manner that has no hint of experimentation, but rather a purposeful, concrete rendering of his vision - combining a composer's heart with a programmer's brain.

While paying close attention to looping structures, Morgan's orientation towards software programming has enabled him to alter the movement of these loops, to remove their inherent "loopness," without calling attention to the fact that this has happened. Every iteration of a loop has incremental changes, which over time becomes something entirely different from its origin. This constant evolution is due both to the software techniques employed and the hand guiding the results, which carefully nudges the arrangements into something that is paying homage to a host of techniques and styles that have come before it - taking those ideas and stretching them into new forms - adhering to certain guidelines, while ignoring most.