Bunnies & Bats' objective is to produce a palatable, yet experimental music, oscillating from pop sensibilities to the avant-garde. Sources including voice, FM synthesis, and generative music patches culminate towards improvisational musical pieces echoing forms of electronic music from the last decades. The music sits well domestically, yet certainly has an underlying club and sound system potential.

Bunnies & Bats - Little Colored Blocks EP - Anticipate 012
released March 2013 - 12" vinyl / digital

Little Colored Blocks is the first release by Philadelphia duo Bunnies & Bats, though their background is steeped in years percolating in the Northeast electronic music scene, and indeed their music combines a sensibility of the past, present, and future of house and techno with a unique, personalized approach that focuses on the small things, the moments of distraction, the notes you hear in your head that accompany your day. With bass and soft vocal phrases at its forefront, Little Colored Blocks has a grounding that lets it explore, that keeps it in the balance of minimal dance music and experimental pop-orientation.

The remixes offer a healthy range of variations on the original, all drawing towards the remixer's strengths. David Last turns in a tropical dancefloor gem, and Nicholas Sauser presents a dark and moody workout that recalls his turns on Microcosm, while Ezekiel Honig veers to a piano-driven, vocal-hook laden version. The digital release rounds it out with two bonus mixes - Thomas Hildebrand's bouncy groover and Borne's mysterious, subdued dub-techno.