A Passage of Concrete is the new album from Ezekiel Honig. You can order it now on 180-gram vinyl or digital.

Record Release for Ezekiel Honig's A Passage of Concrete
Thursday, March 23rd, 6PM-9PM
@ Gibney Dance Center, 280 Broadway
(Enter at 53A Chambers), Ground floor studio
New York, NY 10007
Free entry

Performances by:
Ezekiel Honig w/ visuals by Joshue Ott
Thomas Hildebrand w/ visuals by Chris Jordan
Borne w/ visuals by Chris Jordan

On Thursday, March 23rd Anticipate Recordings presents the release event for Ezekiel Honig's new album, A Passage of Concrete. Honig will play a live, largely improvisational set that is warm, textured, rhythmic, filled with edits of field recordings and household objects, grounded in the processed acoustics of thick melodic phrases. His live sets are always new constructions of existing material and though this one will center on reworked pieces from the new album, older and in process sounds will find their way in.

Honig will reunite with his longtime collaborator, and recent Times Square Arts artist in residence, Joshue Ott, whose approach to abstract digital visuals via his homemade superDraw software bends constantly evolving lines of color, highlighting contrast and maneuvering through moment-driven change. Over more than a decade of playing shows together, Ott + Honig's union of visual and sound has coalesced into a finely developed whole that never looks/sounds the same.

Joining them on the evening will be Thomas Hildebrand, another Anticipate friend and artist, whose handcrafted approach to house music lends itself to various types of venues, from the dancefloor to the slumber party. Hildebrand's unique vision takes the anonymity out of dance music and slows it down for the venue at hand - groove-based with quirky jolts of bass and instrumental hooks.

Beginning the night will be a combination live/DJ set from Borne, whose original productions meld with his musical programming sensibilities. Using elements of ambient, slow-burning techno, spacey dub, downtempo house, Borne deftly balances a solid connection to decades of electronic music and finds his own sound.

The space where this is all happening, the ground floor studio at Gibney Dance Center, is a perfect palette - an intimate, blank slate in many ways, to take on the character of what's happening inside. The connection to the Gibney Dance space itself arose from artistic collaboration. Once Honig completed A Passage of Concrete he assembled a score for the upcoming Gibney Dance piece, Drafting Foresight, which was commissioned by GroundWorks DanceTheater and will premiere in Cleveland, Ohio on March 17th and 18th, to be presented later this year at Gibney Dance in NYC.